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Order a Trial DIY Surface Refinishing Kit

Our trial kits are perfect for professionals who want to try out our entire refinishing system or for DIYers who want to save money on home improvement projects. 

Our COVID-19 Special

Our Refinishing Kit is valued at over $280. But you can receive it all for only $229.95 plus $36.95 freight. Be sure to take advantage of this special price soon as it’s only available for a limited time! 


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What You Get

The complete Refinishing Kit includes everything you need to refinish 3-4 tubs, cabinets, or tile surfaces with the exception of spray equipment. Our kit includes: 

◈ 2 Qrts. EP-Acrylic White Gloss Base or 1 Qrt. Water Speck 

◈ 1 Qrt. EP-Acrylic Catalyst (4:1) 

◈ 1 Qrt. EP-Acrylic Reducer MED 

◈ 1 Qrt. Ultra Primer Base 

◈ 1 Qrt. Ultra Primer Catalyst (1:1) 

◈ 1 Qrt. Ultra Primer Reducer 

◈ 1/2 QrtChemical Adhesor – Blue 

◈ 1 Qrt. Step I Cleaner 

◈ 1 Qrt. Step II Cleaner 

Tub, Tile, Cabinet Procedure Manual

Easy-to-Follow Step-by-Step Instruction Guide


Please note that our standard kits colors include gloss white, china white, bone, almond, and clear. We match all custom colors from Sherwin Williams’ interior color chart. Custom colors are an additional $25.

Renting Equipment

Do-it-yourselfers can rent high-volume, low-pressure (HVLP) spray equipment for approximately $35 from Graco or Wagner/Spraytech rental stores.