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Surface Refinishing Products

Here at Integrity Coatings, we’re proud to be the world-leading supplier of extreme high-durability, ISO-free refinishing coatings, cleaning supplies, and specialty spray equipment for bathtubs, countertops, cabinets, fiberglass surfaces, tile, flooring, and grout. We’re trusted by everyone, from DIYers to painting professionals. Call now to learn more about our surface refinishing products. 


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EP-Acrylic High-Gloss Acrylic Polymer

This is our best coating for bathtubs, tile, appliances, fiberglass, and marine applications! 


High-Gloss, UV-Resistant, Scratch-Resistant, Stain-Resistant, Isocyanate-Free, Fast-Drying (Touch Dry in 2-3 minutes), 4:1 Mixing Ratio 


Standard Colors: White, China White, Kohler White, Bone, Almond, Clear 

Gloss BaseCatalyst (4:1)
$96.95/Gal.$121.95/Gal., $34.95/Qrt. in Gallon Quantity

Custom colors available. Will match any color using Sherwin Williams interior paint charts$25 additional tint charge. 

Satin Semi-Gloss Base Catalyst (4:1)
$91.95/Gal.$117.95/Gal., $31.95/Qrt. in Gallon Quantity

Made especially for countertops and kitchen cabinets! Looks and lasts like Formica. 

New! Multispec Countertop Coatings

We’re excited to offer new stone accents and watercolor coatings. These water-based speckled countertops are sure to enhance any space!

$83.95/Gal. – All Colors

‘Super-Fast Dry’ Ultra Primer

This is the #1-selling primer in the refinishing industry! It offers extremely fast drying (ready for top coat within 15-25 minutes) and is excellent as a primer, filler, barrier coat, or EP-Acrylic top coat. It offers a wide range of features and benefits, including:

◈ White Color 

◈ Custom Speckle Colors 

◈ 80% Solids 

◈ No Isocyanates 

◈ 1:1 Mixing Ratio 

◈ Two-Component Coating 

◈ Increased Durability & Adhesion by +33% 

Please note that using our primer reducer will create the best results. 

BaseCatalyst (1:1)
$81.95/Gal., $27.95/Qrt.$81.95/Gal., $27.95/Qrt.

Custom Tinted Primers

All Colors

Chemical Adhesion/Bonding System

This chemical adhesor and bonding agent offers super adhesion and is the first choice among industry professionals. With more than 17 years of field testing and use, this system has stood the test of time and proven its superiority over acid etching when it comes to creating adhesion/bonding on glass, porcelain, and ceramic tile. Offers a 15X adhesion formula. Use with Step I and Step II cleaners for best results. 

Blue or Clear

EP-Acrylic Custom Multi-Temperature Reducers

Save on tinting fees with this custom kit. Mixing your own tints on the job is sure to increase your profits! This system is ideal for chip repair and makes all the custom colors you want, including red, blue, black, yellow, red oxide, and yellow oxide V-series tints. Available in quarts and 4-oz. plastic squeeze bottles.

Our custom-blended reducers keep your dry times constant regardless of changing temperatures! Use SLOW in summer, MEDIUM in the spring and fall, and FAST in winter. With our multi-temperature reducer system, you control your flash times—not the weather!

EP-Acrylic Fast, Medium, Slow ReducerUltra Primer Reducer
$42.95/Gal., $12.95/Qrt.$42.95/Gal., $12.95/Qrt.

EP-Retarder Reducer Additive

Slows down dry times and helps control touch dry times. A must-have for new customers. 


EP-Acrylic Custom Tinting System

Save on tinting fees with this custom kit. Mixing your own tints on the job is sure to increase your profits! This system is ideal for chip repair and makes all the custom colors you want, including red, blue, black, yellow, red oxide, and yellow oxide V-series tints. Available in quarts and 4-oz. plastic squeeze bottles. 

$300.95/Kit – 6 Colors – Quarts$149.95/Kit – 6 Colors (4-oz. Bottles – $27.95/Each)

Mixing instructions are included with the complete kit. You can also count on us for training on mixing your own custom colors on the job. 

Tub/Floor Gripp – For Slip-Resistant Surfaces

After six years of extensive field testing and research, we’re proud to introduce the next generation of SRS (slip-resistant surface) systems. Tub Gripp is America’s #1 SRS product and the only ASTM-approved (ASTM F 462) product available for slip resistance on ceramic tile, fiberglass, and porcelain. It’s perfect for hotels!


To use, add one scoop to 2-3 ounces of top coat and use a brush application. All application procedures are included.


Floor Gripp for Tile Bathroom Floors

This product is the result of six years of testing. Floor Gripp is designed to increase the effectiveness of bathroom tile floor coatings while increasing abrasion and mar resistance by +33%. Satin finish. Excellent for hotels, homes, and apartments. 


To use, add one ounce to 16 ounces of top coat.


Refinishing Cleaning/Caulking System

◈ Two-Part Prep/Grout Cleaning System

Ultra Clean (Step I)

Removes soap scum, mildew, and silicone from porcelain or grout! 


Designed specifically to chemically clean porcelain, tile, countertops, grout, and fiberglass prior to refinishing. Best in the Industry with over 15 years of use. Eliminates old, dirty grout and mildewed grout problems for good. A must for anyone using chemical adhesor. Each case contains 12 one-quart bottles.

$149.95/Case of 12 Qrts., $19.95/Qrt.$159.95/Mixed Case of Step I

Ultra Clean (Step II)

Neutralizes acids from other cleaners and removes any remaining silicone or soap scum. 

$149.95/Case of 12 Qrts., $19.95/Qrt.$159.95/Mixed Case of Step II

Etching Gel

This new etching gel is ideal for tubs and tile. As a gel, it is safer than liquid etches. It also hangs on tile walls, as opposed to liquid etches, which tend to run. Contains hydrofluoric acids and other porcelain cleaners.

$159.95/Case of 12 Qrts., $20.95/Qrt.$159.95 for Mixed Case

Ultra Soft Miracle Cleaner – Great Resale Item for Your Customers

This cleaner was designed specifically to clean and maintain all resurfaced fixtures safely. Use this product to keep your grout clean.

$149.95/Case of 12 Qrts., $19.95/Qrt.

Refinishing Spray, Chip Repair, & Ventilation Systems

Integrity Coatings is an authorized dealer for Lemmer Spray Systems, Paasche Airbrush, Badger Compressors, and Evac Systems. 

◈ Lemmer GTS 3800 Complete Spray System – Our # 1 Seller

The Lemmer GTS 3800 HVLP is the finest refinishing spray system available today.  It is made especially for refinishing and features: 

◈ 1-Quart Pressurized Cup 
New 980 Non-Bleeder Spray Gun 

Dual Filtration System 


Material Hose 

1/4″ Air Hose & Air Compressor 

6.0 psi. 

Solvent-Resistant Metal Parts 

$900/Each or $850/Each When Purchasing Two or More

Please note that we match all quoted prices on spray equipment. 

◈ The 1-Quart Remote Version 3800 Complete Spray System

As the only remote system with one compressor, this system is strongly recommended. It has all the same features as above, except for a 960 spray gun and a convenient remote pot system that attaches to a belt loop. This version makes it easier to spray in tight areas, such as cabinets. 

$1,495/Each or $1,325/Each When Purchasing Two or More (Plus Cost of Freight)

◈ Chip Repair Spray System

Integrity Coatings is also an authorized dealer for Paasche airbrushes and compressors. Come to us for a durable and customized complete chip repair spray system—a must-have for the profitable chip repair business. 


Our chip repair system costs $249.95 and includes: 

◈ Paasche H5 Airbrush Kit 

1-Oz. Pot 

◈ 4’ Custom Hose 

Paasche 1/10th Horsepower Compressor with On/Off Switch 

EP-Acrylic tints are also available for custom color matching on-site. 

4-Oz. Kit – $129.95.

◈ Ventilation Systems

PD 500DX – $379.95 + Freight
Plastic Tubing for Venting – $1.00/Linear Foot

Our COVID-19 Special

Our Refinishing Kit is valued at over $280. But you can receive it all for only $209.95 plus $36.95 freight. Be sure to take advantage of this special price soon as it’s only available for a limited time!


Call now to place your order over the phone. 

◈ What You Get

The complete Refinishing Kit includes everything you need to refinish 3-4 tubs, cabinets, or tile surfaces with the exception of spray equipment. Our kit includes: 


  • 2 Qrts. EP-Acrylic White Gloss Base or 1 Qrt. Water Speck 
  • 1 Qrt. EP-Acrylic Catalyst (4:1) 
  • 1 Qrt. EP-Acrylic Reducer MED 
  • 1 Qrt. Ultra Primer Base 
  • 1 Qrt. Ultra Primer Catalyst (1:1) 
  • 1 Qrt. Ultra Primer Reducer 
  • 1/2 Qrt. Chemical Adhesor – Blue 
  • 1 Qrt. Step I Cleaner 
  • 1 Qrt. Step II Cleaner 
  • Tub, Tile, Cabinet Procedure Manual 
  • Easy-to-Follow Step-by-Step Instruction Guide 


Please note that our standard kit colors include gloss white, china white, bone, almond, and clear. We match all custom colors from Sherwin Williams’ interior color chart. Custom colors are an additional $25.